Monday, 10 March 2014

Invisible Bordeaux: as seen on TF1

Invisible Bordeaux was one of a number of contributors to a lengthy report about the city broadcast by national TV station TF1 during the lunchtime news programme on Sunday March 9th. 

In the feature, I demonstrate my thorough knowledge of Bordeaux's extensive history by referring to some medieval cobblestones and a wall as being "very old" (the kind of expert analysis which loyal readers have come to expect).

It was a bad hair day (I've since been to the hairdresser's), my name is misspelled in the caption, but all in all it was an interesting experience and such prime-time exposure is very much appreciated, so big thanks to TF1 and to journalist Erwan Braem for getting in touch!


  1. Good video! But I’m confused about what the owner of the shop said: "1870". How Tourny could have done this job after his death? Maybe it was a simple mistake. Besides the Ginko project shows how the "écoquartier" concept has been reused nowadays to construct some houses in concrete, which is very fare from the original idea.

  2. Congratulations Tim !

    @jeanbaptisteonlinux : Yes there is a mistake with the Cours d'Alsace et Lorraine. Tourny didn't make it, Haussmann did.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and, indeed, Marquis de Tourny was long gone by then! Wasn't aware of the Haussmann connection though...

  4. Interesting report Mr Pik! And I didn't notice anything untoward about your hair!


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