A few weeks ago, reader Conchi shared a link on her Facebook page which led to the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel 's websit...

New video: 'Welcome Arthur', the 2016 remake

A few weeks ago, reader Conchi shared a link on her Facebook page which led to the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel's website and a delightful if somewhat bizarre short film entitled "Welcome Arthur".

The film serves as an instant journey back in time to Bordeaux as it was in 1962. And, as its central character is an Englishman on a bicycle, Conchi suggested I work on a contemporary remake! This was a challenge that I absolutely had to take on...

Here then is the end-product, which is the result of a fun morning spent in the city with my son Dorian handling camera duties. I hope you enjoy our attempt to a draw parallels between the city as it is today, and as it was 54 years ago!


  1. Une super idée pour nous permettre de découvrir les vidéos d'antan de façon originale et ludique.

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